The dog park

When we first got Axel, we knew we’d now be a part of some class of people that end up at a dog park on the weekends.. turns out we go every day we can!

We found a wonderful off-leash area at the Liane Levetan Park @ Brooks Run. Liane was the first Dekalb CEO, and apparently played a large hand in saving this facility, which as best we can tell used to be a middle school and a few other county facilities, all closed now. Now, there is a [nice] skate park, a huge childrens play area with a massive jungle gym, etc, and in a wooded area in the back, at least a few acres of fenced in happiness for the dogs.

It’s maintained by an organization called ‘Just a Walk in the Park’. They coordinate with volunteers and donors to make the park nicer. Their web site lists details about the park: http://www.jawitp.com/

He thoroughly enjoys it:

Here he is taking on a doberman (dogs really are amazing creatures and shouldn’t be lumped into their stereotype – this was one of the nicest dogs there that day):

Just thought I’d share… if there’s any dog owners in Atlanta looking for a new cool place to come wear your dog out, this is it:

liane levetan park overview w/ addresses

Park outline

You can actually zoom in on it and see the walking path that rings the park – the building next to it is abandoned – no idea what it used to be.

[field name=iframe]


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  1. Thank you for the kind words about our park. On our website, you can send me your contact info and receive our monthly newsletter. FYI: the 102 acres of Brook Run used to be the Georgia Retardation Center. Our all-volunteer, non-profit organization USED to be Just a Walk in the Park, but we dissoved that and re-formed as the Brook Run Dog Park Association, Inc. The dog park is 4 acres. We invite volunteers to help clean up the park on the last Sat. of each month (join us on the 30th at 9 a.m.; we’d love to meet you!).
    And we’d love to have any photos you’d care to share for our website.