So for Christmas this year, Andy got me two of Alton Brown’s books (because he’s just that awesome, and clearly knows a thing or two about me):

Oh, that's where I left my car keys!

One flip through it and I knew what recipe (and I use the term loosely – Alton encourages people to ‘own’ their cooking, and the book’s writing reflects that): Chili. Which is the one recipe in ‘I’m Just Here for the Food’ that uses a pressure cooker, something I’ve been wanting for a while.

Isn't it adorable, with it's 'pot belly' - It's a Fagor.

And I got one today from Bed Bath and Beyond, and whipped up the recipe in it – three pounds of cheap beef, spices and such I had around the apartment, and viola!

The beans were added at the end, considering any amount of time in the pressure cooker for cooked beans would destroy them. If you’re ever curious how your local Mexican restaurant manages to get their beef tips and such so fork tender, this is it!


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