So for a co-worker’s birthday, I was asked to prepare desert for a pot luck lunch. Luckily my office has some foodies in it, so the pot lucks tend to be pretty good.

I was happy to oblige and prepare a red velvet cake – everyone seemed in awe of my nonchalant acceptance of the task. I googled it and found this recipe from food network.

Upon rounding up the ingredients, I discovered I would need to buy 4 (FOUR) packages of food coloring, just to get the amount of liquid red food coloring I’d need. (and it probably wouldn’t be that red)

Crazy enough, I was at an Indian market the day before, just perusing and noticed they had dry food coloring.

I high tailed it back over to the market and picked up a jar of the red food coloring and returned home to proceed.

With just a quarter of a teaspoon, my batter was already looking good:

Red Velvet Batter

and it turned out pretty good at the pot-luck, at least no one complained..

Although, Andy commented that it wasn’t the best he’s had… perhaps I need a more intimidating recipe?


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