Ok, so this is the first post to this blog in an incredibly long time… No promises, but I’m regaining some interest in adding content, so… we’ll see.

So I’ve never posted about making beef jerky, but I have made it several times with Alton Brown’s Method using a box fan and air filters. Unfortunately, air filters can get quite expensive, so I began to consider other methods to achieve the same thing. Also, with our garden coming to fruit, there are several things that we’ll be wanting to dry. (herbs, etc.)

I decided that wooden frames stretched with a screen of some sort would work quite well. Then there was the stackability factor, etc…

So I came up with these frames:

Which have a beveled top and bottom:

And were then covered on the bottom with fiberglass screen door material:

Then I built this frame to hold the fan and stabilize the first tray on top of it:

(It comes apart for easy storage):

Assembled, it’s fairly impressive:

I had not put any screen on the 4th frame, and I’m kind of glad I didn’t, as it will keep whatever’s drying off the fan box by about 3 inches. I will also probably make a ‘lid’ out of 1×1′s and stretch mesh over. Axel might be inclined to see what’s going on inside, and we can’t have that!

Right now, I’ve got 1.5 lbs of flank steak in marinade waiting to become beef jerky…. Can’t wait to try this thing out!



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  1. um…i just saw this and that IS impressive!