So, Andy and I were out hitting discount and thrift stores. By chance, we went out of our way (made two trips) just to go to a Good Will. We’re also on a canning kick (see previous post regarding chicken stock) – we have a marinara planned for our next canned item.

So, logically one of the things I look for at these type stores is home canning jars. No go at this Good Will though.. I keep perusing and come across an old pressure cooker, a ‘National No.7′ according to the label riveted to it. I quickly did some research on my phone, but that didn’t set me completely at ease. I then dialed up my sister who was near a computer and did even more research and listed some prices of the parts I could visibly identify in need of replacement.

So, I shelled out the 15 bucks they were asking and brought it home. Once cleaned up, it’s a pretty respectable unit (I literally separated it down to every part… handles off, etc):

Inside of the pressure canner

Pressure canner

So, now I just need to make it to the county extension office to get the gauge checked… I’m going to wait to order the weights until I do this, as I’ll need to add a new gauge to the order if it fails too drastically.

Once everything’s a go go, I’ll be able to can a full batch of stock or anything else that requires pressure canning. So happy to not have to pay full price for this guy!

Name suggestions?


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  1. Look at that beautiful old thing! You can just hear the years of snapping crisp vegetables someone’s grandma preserved in it. I can see the farm fields she watched out her kitchen window. What a prize you found!

  2. LOL… I almost began the post: “40 years ago, a grandmother gave her grand daughter a pressure canner, which sat in a shed for another 40 years. Last week, that grand daughter’s daughter took that canner to Good Will…”

  3. Ha! I like your edited version of the story, very clever. And I just love the find! $15…that rocks. And the woman at the Extension office that I spoke to was a dream! I think she was up near Kelly. I’ll try to find her number and let you know…she will be worth the trip.

  4. Well, the dekalb extension which is the Georgia state cooperative is just around the corner from me… I’m gonna see what they say. I’ll let you know.