Settling in

Yesterday, with the help of many a family member, we moved into our new HOUSE. Most importantly, out of our apartment. Out from under the [people] that live above us. Out from under their stereo and the 2 AM performances of chopsticks on their electric piano.

Into a kitchen that four people can stand in together (comfortably). Into a back yard that Axel can run around as I grill our first official dinner on the Weber JBIV gave us. Into a neighborhood where we can take a walk and say ‘hi’ to the neighbors as we pass by their homes. Across the street from the lady that brought over two tomato plants as we were moving in.

As you can tell, we’re happy. Happy.



Living room; boxes to go...


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  1. Oh my goodness, what a sweet neighbor! I loved your new little place, it is such a quaint house. Please resign your lease in a year ;)

  2. Um, that kitchen cabinet didn’t have stuff on it when I left! :o ) So glad we could come help…even for a little bit. We love your house!!! Riah thinks you should get a pool….”cuz the back yard is already level!” Love ya!!

  3. That ‘stuff’ has cycled 20 times in the last 24 hours… we’re getting there, but not without your help! To have our books [or some of them - god bless anyone that tried to unpack all of them] and kitchen unpacked are priceless. Thank you!

    Yall come over for a grill out any time! Tell Sariah sorry – can’t afford to put a pool in a rental…