Andy’s Truck…

July 2, 2010 : ~4:10 AM

Driver of 1993 Ford Ranger slams into rear of Andy’s truck, parked on the street. Driver tested .209 BAC & admitted to text-ing while driving:¬†Georgia text-ing while driving prohibition went into effect 12:01 July 1st – initial reports indicate this is the first citation ever issued under that law.

Definition of small world: When your neighbor can tell you about the night the driver of the ’93 Ranger had… “That guy is the bassist for a band I know – they were on at the Clermont the night before.. somebody was at the bar buying the band so many shots that evening, they couldn’t even go on for their set!”



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  1. So is Andy’s truck totaled?

  2. We actually don’t know yet…

  3. shut the hell up! Are you kidding me? What are the odds????? And you can call yourself the firsts….not so sure you want the title though. Sorry about the truck. That blows….

  4. WOW! Not sure what I was picturing but I don’t think that was it. So sad.

  5. That sucks rocks… still wanna know if it was totaled…

    Happy Birthday by the way!