Chicken Broth

So, I’ve made chicken broth from a carcas before… I’ll barbecue up a whole chicken every so often and it’s the only logical thing to do with the remains.

The only problem is keeping it and making it keep. Previously I’ve tossed the whole lot into a tupperware container and put it in the fridge… a few weeks tops like that. More if you’re brave.

Today I figured I’d ask for some help from siblings and embark up on a long off-put journey down ‘canning lane’. I’ve made pickles in jars before, but they don’t count… they turned out awful. Besides, you can make pickles with a cold process anyways. Tonight I wanted to make something shelf stable.

So, after a consult with a sibling, I decided that my Fagor Pressure Cooker would suffice as a pressure canner for my needs (if anything, it’s going to go above and beyond the required temps/pressures for canning broth – which won’t effect it the same way nuking green beans would..)

Canning Process Underway

Above you can see the pot of broth on the back left (This was the pot strained into… the stock pot was larger). Front right is the Fagor pressure cooker… which fits 4 pint jars.

And then there is the end result:

Canned Broth

You can see that some jars boiled over… a lot. I have one that is literally half empty. Another consult with another sibling indicated that the cause of this was headspace. I was under the impression that it was some arbitrary ‘leave an inch’… but apparently it’s much more important than that. Lesson learned.

Overall, I’m terribly happy that I’ve preserved something and made it shelf stable. Not to mention split up this batch into usable amounts. Wonder what I’ll put in jars next weekend…

BTW: This article was of very good reference on the subject: http://www.simplycanning.com/homemade-chicken-broth.html


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  1. Good job! I bet it tastes wonderful.

  2. That’s too funny! I didn’t TASTE it during this whole process! LOL.

  3. Wahoo for you! Shelf stable is happiness in a jar. Congratulations!

  4. What an exciting endeavor. I remember when I canned my first batch of tomatoes, I was so excited. Hope your chicken broth turns out well when it comes time to chow down!