Digital Picture Frame

Andy pulled out an old laptop several weeks ago – he asked if there’d be any sense in selling it. I asked what was wrong with it:

-”The screen’s bad”
-”Oh, how old is it?”
-”About ten years, maybe newer.”
-”Oh, then not really, no… but I may have a use for it.”

(That was summarized.)

I’d seen a number of write-ups of people turning old laptops into digital photo frames, and I figured this would make a good candidate. (After I replaced the backlight bulb – first ever for me; it was interesting.)

No real details on the build. Basically:

-Make sure you have a working laptop that will join a wireless network and you can remote to (LogMeIn, etc..)
- Rip the screen out of a laptop, mount it to a matte and in a shadow box. (I literally just hot glued the screen to the matte, and fit the matte into the clamps behind the glass (I kept the glass in place for protection.)
-Remove all the extra stuff from the body of the laptop to reduce weight, size, etc.
-Add any components you want to the laptop (I added a PCMCIA wireless card – yes it’s that old, and the receiver to a wireless keyboard and mouse I have.)
-Extend the power button off the motherboard or bezel and mount a button to the box to turn it on and off.
-Mount body of laptop in shadow box (I used mounting tape and secured it to the back panel.)

Enjoy – there’s lots of things you can do with it. I plan on using it as a photo frame with my photos and a box in the kitchen to view recipes off of – options are endless, and I’m not going to go into them here…


Screen, mounted on matte

Front side

Finished Unit


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